This distracts me every time I go to make a GIF of this scene.

amandaseyfriedarchive asked: what's the list for the ouat meme? i started it months ago and i don't remember what comes next aha :P love the blog btw x
  • ten characters
  • nine scenes
  • eight episodes
  • seven outfits
  • six objects
  • five otps
  • four brotps
  • three colours
  • two quotes
  • one world

Have fun! And thank you!

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Anonymous asked: -jumps up and down- are people aloud to use your gifs?! They are amazingly beautiful that every time i look at them my mind explodes!

For reactions? Of course!! Just make sure you check the tags of the newer ones, as some will be too large to use in individual posts.

Thank you so much!

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darkmasterplan asked: Girl, that gif set with Belle in rainbow colours are amazing. You are artist

Oh I am DEFINITELY no such thing but thank you very much!! I’m glad that everyone seems to like the rainbow GIF sets.

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strawberrymotion asked: I love your blog. It makes me happy whenever I see the little Regina icon on my dash. Especially now. Why are they doing this? Why are they depriving us of Regina's lovely face for two weeks?! #rant

Thank you so much!!

Oh and I know! Its insane that we have to wait this long.

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lana-parrilla-forbidden-fruit asked: OMG, your gifs are awesome! I can't help but reblog them all! Thanks for all your work :)

Thank you so much!!

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Let us all pray that Jen and Lana get seated next to each other at PaleyFest this year even though it will never happen

Jen and Lana sitting next to each other……IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK.


elizabethjmitchell asked: You should do one with Belle!!

It was actually Belle on my mind when I was thinking about it! After Regina, she is my second favourite character. 

I’m just not sure if there are enough scenes of hers to be able to do it with. I’ll have a look though and maybe just do a smaller version depending on how many scenes there are!

Thanks for requesting ^^

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